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Work with versions

In Ibexa DXP, content items can have one published version, and several draft and archived versions. You can perform various tasks on content item versions, either to advance them through the workflow or compare edits from different users.

Edit drafts

If you are assigned to a draft version of a content item for review, when you click the Edit draft icon in My dashboard, the Review queue table, you see the Event(s) timeline that lists all the transitions that this content has gone through.

Events timeline

If draft locking is supported, you also see a message that confirms that the draft is now locked to you.

Draft assignment message

Release locked drafts

If you are assigned to a draft version of a content item and have locked it for review, you can release the lock by closing the modal window, publishing the draft, or sending it to another reviewer. You can also do it in My dashboard, the Review queue table, by clicking the Unlock icon.

If you are not assigned to the draft, depending on the permissions set for your Role, in the Review queue table, you can either release the lock by clicking the Unlock icon, or request that the lock is released by the reviewer by clicking the Request access icon.

Compare versions

You can compare two versions of the same content item.

To do it, disable the Focus mode. Then, in the content item details screen, go to the Versions tab and click the Version Compare icon: Version Compare Icon.

From the drop-down menus at the top of the screen, select the two versions that you want to compare.


There are two options of the view:

  • Split - default, side by side view
  • Unified - single column view

Version comparison in Unified view

When you compare two versions, the system highlights the changes:

  • yellow - content updated
  • blue - content added
  • red - content deleted

Version comparison in Split view

You can also compare media Field Types such as images.

Image comparison


Not all Field Types are available for comparison. You cannot preview the difference in the following Field Types:

  • Form
  • Landing Page
  • User account