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Create and edit products

Products are a specific kind of Content items that you use to present your offer in the website, including product specification, and pricing. Individual products are instances of Product Types. You can only create or modify products when your user role has the Product/Edit permission.

To create a product, depending on how the Product Type is defined, you may need to provide certain pieces of information in their respective Fields.

You can create products by using either manual or bulk method. Bulk method can be used only at the developer level. See Products for a technical guide on how to do this.

You can start creating a product in several ways:

  • Click Create in the upper-right corner of the Products screen.
  • While viewing a Product Catalog in the Content Tree, click Create content at the top of the screen. The new item appears in the tree.
  • Click Create content in the upper-right corner of the My dashboard screen. In this case you have to choose Content Type and select where the content will be located.

1. If you are adding a new product, use one of the methods mentioned above and skip to step 3.

2. If you are editing an existing product, in the Category filter tree, select a category to find your product more quickly. Then click the Edit button next to a name of the product item that you want to modify and skip to step 4.

Products list with action buttons

3. From their lists, select the language and the product type, and then click the Add button.

Creating a new product

4. Fill in or edit content fields of the product, for example, name, specification and description. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Editing product information

5. In the Attributes section, define the product's attributes, for example, dimensions, resolution or capacity.

6. If you are adding a new product, click the Create button. If you are editing an existing one, click the Update button.

After you create a product, you can add image assets to a product, create variants to the main product, define product prices, and clasify products into different categories.


Feature availability may differ depending on the specifics of your installation.

For in-depth information, see Products in developer documentation.