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Ibexa DXP consists of the technical platform for creating and managing online experiences, designed for developers and end-users alike. It includes a Web framework, APIs and a Content Repository. It features a customizable user interface where you can work with the content, products, media, as well as manage other functionalities and administer the platform.

Depending on the product edition, Ibexa DXP can provide advanced capabilities in such areas as:


Ibexa DXP must be installed by the administrators. They should provide you with the address of the installation.

Access the Back Office

To access the Back Office (or the user/editor interface), add /admin to the address provided by the administrator. For example, if your website's URL is, you enter the editing interface through

If you are the administrator, the default administrator account information is:

  • username: admin
  • password:publish

Otherwise, to login, you must get your user credentials from the administrator and enter them on the login screen.

Login screen

Change the password and other user settngs

You can access your user settings on the right side of the top bar:

User preferences menu

Here you can change your user password and define your user preferences, such as preferred timezone, date and time format, or Back Office language.