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Schedule content publication

There are three ways in which you can schedule content to be published, revealed or hidden in the future:

Scheduler tab

The Scheduler tab is available in the configuration of all Page blocks. You can use it to set the date and time when the block becomes visible and when it disappears from a Page. If you configure the reveal and/or hide dates for a Page block, you can then see the scheduled blocks (except for the Content Scheduler) in the calendar. This way you can see what content is planned will be available in the future.

Schedule tab

Content Scheduler block

In the Content Scheduler block you can select content items to be displayed at a selected time.

For each content item you can choose an airtime - a date and time in the future. At this time the content item will become visible.

The Content Scheduler block has a limit of content items. If the limit is filled and a new content item is displayed, the oldest item will disappear from the block.

Content Scheduler

Date-based publishing

When editing a content item, select Publish later in the menu on the right.

Publish Later button in the menu

A Future publication settings window is displayed. Choose a date and time and the content will be published at that time.

If you had planned a future publication date and enter the edit mode of the same content item, you also have a new option in the menu: Discard publish later. Use it to remove the previously selected publication date.

Discard publish later button in the menu

You can also reschedule or cancel planned publications. To browse all the future events, use the Calendar widget.

Date-based hiding

When your content item is published, you can schedule a date and time and the content will be hidden at that time. To do this, go to the Content tab and select Content structure or Media. Then, navigate to the content item that you want to hide and click Hide in the menu.

Hide content item modal window

Once a content item is hidden, it is unavailable on the front page and inactive in the Content Tree. This change affects the content item in all of its Locations.


The timeline in Page mode shows all changes that will happen to the Page in the future.

You can use the slider to preview what the Page will look like at a given time. Use the button on the right of the time to see a list of all upcoming changes.

List of upcoming events in the timeline

Calendar widget

The calendar widget enables you to view and perform actions on various events. Out of the box, it displays content items and Page blocks scheduled for future publication, but your page administrator can configure custom events. Therefore, the calendar can contain other events, e.g. national holidays, important dates, etc.

To access the calendar widget, in the Content Panel, open the Calendar tab.

Calendar widget

You can switch between different views to see events planned for a certain day, week, or month. You can also use filters to focus on certain events displayed in the calendar.


If the number of events to display in a selected view exceeds the configured limit, some events remain hidden. To view the full list of events, click Load More.

To access the calendar features, use the following buttons:

Button Description
Today button Display the current day regardless of the view.
Arrows Navigate through months, weeks, or days.
Toggle month/week/day Switch between month, week, or day view.
Toggle calendar/list Switch between the calendar and list view.

Calendar filters

With numerous events appearing in the calendar widget, you can make the view less cluttered by applying filters. You can filter by the events' type or modified language in all three views (month, week, and day).

Access all available filters by clicking Filters.

Viewing filters

To apply filters, select or deselect entities from the Types or Modified language list. The calendar view refreshes automatically.

Calendar toolbar

The calendar widget toolbar displays events you select and gives you access to actions assigned to them. The available actions appear in the upper-right corner of the toolbar when you select an event. You can select multiple events of the same type and perform bulk actions on them, e.g. reschedule or cancel publication.


Actions available in the toolbar may vary depending on the custom configuration. For details, contact your page administrator.

To select, click on all events of the same type you want to add to the toolbar list.

Calendar widget toolbar

Reschedule or cancel publication

In case of publishable content items (e.g. articles), you can change or cancel their planned publication by clicking Reschedule or Cancel publication. These buttons are available on the My dashboard screen, and in the Calendar widget.

Button Description
Reschedule button Reschedule all selected events.
Discard button Cancel the future publication of selected events.

Reschedule or cancel in the dashboard

To reschedule or cancel events with the dashboard, perform the following actions:

  1. Open the My dashboard screen by clicking the logo in the left-upper corner.
  2. In My content panel, view all your scheduled content items by clicking My scheduled content.
  3. From My future publications, select all content items to have their publication time rescheduled or cancelled.
  4. Using the buttons in the upper-right corner, perform one or both of the following actions:
    • To change the publication time, click Reschedule. In the Reschedule modal window, select the new date and click Confirm date change.
    • To cancel publication, click Cancel publication. In the modal window, confirm the cancellation by selecting Cancel publication.

Reschedule or cancel with the dashboard

Reschedule or cancel in Calendar

In the Calendar widget, select all events to have their publication time rescheduled or cancelled. Using the toolbar buttons, perform one of the following actions:

  • To change the publication time, click Reschedule. In the Reschedule publication modal window, select the new date and click Confirm rescheduling.
  • To cancel event's publication, click Cancel publication. In the modal window, confirm the cancellation by clicking Cancel publication.