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Content versions

Types of content versions

In Ibexa DXP, Content items can have more than one version. Versions can be of published, archived, or draft type.

The published version is the version that is currently presented to the audience. Every Content item can have only one published version at a time.

Whenever you edit and publish a Content item again, its previous published version becomes an archived version. It is not available to the visitor and you cannot edit it, but you can create new drafts based on any archived version.

Finally, drafts are versions that have not been published yet. There can be many drafts of the same Content item. They can be created by the autosave feature, by the reviewer as part of the editorial workflow, or when you save the work and navigate out of the Content item editing screen to focus on a different task.

You can view all versions of a Content item on the Content item details screen, in the Versions tab.

All versions of a Content item

For more information, see Editorial workflow and Work with versions.


While you edit a Content item or product, Ibexa DXP saves your work automatically to help you preserve the progress in an event of a failure. To recover your work, open the most recent draft in the Versions tab of the Content item. Alternatively, open the most recent draft of your work on the My dashboard page, the Drafts table.

Autosave is enabled by default, and set to save a draft every 60 seconds. You can toggle autosave or change the time between saving attempts in User settings, by changing the values in the Autosave draft and Autosave interval fields.