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A scenario is a configuration that is used to obtain recommendation results based on the results generated by models. It consists of:

  • A type of content to be returned as recommendation 
  • A strategy (set of models) that is used for generating recommendations
  • Filter configuration

For information about scenario configuration, see Configure scenarios.

Types of content

Scenarios support a single input type and multiple output types. Every recommendation request can deliver content of one or all output types of content. The output type is set during the recommendation request and must be covered by the list of the supported types of content in the requested scenario.

Cross content type recommendations

You can use cross content type option to get combined recommendation items from different types of content.

Cross content type option is used to combine best recommendation items from different types of content. It applies to scenarios which have more than one output type configured.


A strategy is a structure made up of models that are arranged by importance. There are different levels of importance - a primary level and several fallback ones. Models from each level are used in parallel and strategy results contain an equally distributed mixture of both model results. If models from one level do not return enough results, models from the subsequent levels are used.


Filters are tools that you can use to eliminate, demote or promote specific recommendation results. They are applied to all recommendations that come from models selected in the strategy.