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Integrate scenario results

When the Personalization service is enabled and properly configured, as an editor, you can embed the recommendations that come from the service, to show them to the end users. You can, for example, modify a Page to include a block that shows what Content items/products are recommended to end users when specific scenarios are triggered. One such example is the Personalized block, where you can choose from a number of scenarios, but there are also other blocks that are tailored to display the results of scenarios of specific types, like Recently added block or Bestsellers block. Depending on the scenario type, you may need to provide additional information to see the recommendation results.

The blocks, as well as the number and selection of available scenarios within these blocks depend on the arrangements that your organization makes with Ibexa when defining the initial configuration.

Follow these steps to add and configure the Personalized block to a Page:

  1. In Content Tree, navigate to the page in which you want to place a personalization block.

  2. From the Elements menu, drag and drop the Personalized block to a location on the page layout.

  3. Click the Block settings icon to modify the Personalized block:  

    1. On the Basic tab, set values in the following fields:

      • Block name – Optionally, enter a name for the page block, for example, "Bestsellers".
      • Select a scenario – Select "Landing page" or "Top clicked".
      • Select a content type... – Select "Product".
      • Display limit – Set the number of products to be displayed, for example, 4.
    2. On the Design tab, in the View field, change the layout to "Products" and submit your changes.

    The preview of the Page changes to display a list of products recommended by the Personalization service.

  4. Save your changes to the draft or publish the Page.

For more information about collecting events and embedding recommendation results, see Integrate recommendation service.

Use cross content type in Page Builder blocks

When scenarios are configured to display cross content type recommendations, you can use them in the following Page Builder blocks: Dynamic targeting and Personalized.

To get all output types in the Dynamic targeting block:

  1. In the block settings, set the scenario with configured cross content type output.
  2. From the Output type drop-down, select All.
  3. Next, set the rules according to your needs.
  4. Click Submit.

To get all output types in the Personalized block, in Page Builder, perform the following actions:

  1. In the block settings, set the scenario with configured cross content type output.
  2. Next, from the drop-down Select a content type to be displayed, select All.
  3. Increase the display limit to make sure all recommendations are shown.
  4. Click Submit.

For more information, see Parameters in the developer documentation.