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Virtual products

Virtual product is a special type of a Product.

Virtual products are non-tangible items such as memberships, services, warranties. They can be sold individually, or as part of a product bundle.

Like physical products, virtual products can have their own variants, assets or attributes. You can also create catalogs from them, check their completeness and set prices, availability, and stock.

Create virtual product type

If your user Role has the ProductType/Edit permission, you can modify product types and add individual attributes or attribute groups.

To create a virtual product, first, you have to create a virtual product type.

1. In the left panel, go to Product catalog -> Product Types and click Create.

2. From the drop-down list choose "Virtual" type and click Add.

Creating virtual product type

3. Fill in basic product type information.

4. Add Fields that describe the product by dragging them from the Field types area to a section on the left, and then configure them.

5. Add attributes by dragging them from the toolbox on the right.

6. Click Save.

Create virtual product

Virtual products are created in the same way as physical ones. To create a virtual product, follow the instruction in Create and edit products. While creating a product, choose the virtual product type that you have created.

Creating virtual product

Virtual products purchase

Virtual products don’t require shipment when they are purchased without other physical products. While purchasing a virtual product, you only have to fill in Billing address and select relevant payment method.

Virtual product purchasing