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Preview content items

There are several places where you can see how the content item could look to an end-user. The system behaves differently depending on whether you are in Focus mode or not and whether you selected a specific site from the Site context drop-down list in the top bar.

  • When you edit a Page, the editor provides a visual experience. By clicking the following icons, you can switch between different Page views.
Icon Description
Preview segments Access preview of the Page for a given segment.
Timeline button Access the timeline to preview how the Page changes with time. You can also view the list of all upcoming scheduled events.
  • When you edit a content item, click Preview
  • In the content item's details screen, click Preview


In the content item preview screen, you can use a drop-down list to change site context by switching between SiteAccesses. You can also toggle through different screen widths to see how the content item is rendered on different devices.

View toggler

Additionally, if you select a specific SiteAccess from the Site context drop-down list in the top bar, three things happen:

  • when you hover over content items in the Content Tree, miniature previews appear
  • in Focus mode, when you browse content items in Content Tree, their full screen preview is displayed
  • if you disable the Focus mode or click Exit full view, the View tab appears in the content item's details view, where you can quickly preview the content item