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Ibexa CDP product guide

What is Ibexa CDP

Ibexa CDP is a Customer Data Platform module that helps you build unique and memorable experiences for your customers. By using Ibexa CDP you can monitor and compile data about your customers' activity on multiple channels. It also allows you to create individual customer profiles so you can customize their experience on your platform.

With Ibexa CDP you can store and manage large volumes of customer data in a structured manner. This central data storage supports business growth with a scalable infrastructure, helping to futureproof your business. You can get customer data from both online and offline data sources. It includes first, second, and third-party data from multiple sources such as transactional systems, website tracking and behavior, POS, CRM, and others.


Ibexa CDP is available in all Ibexa DXP editions.

How does Ibexa CDP work

Ibexa CDP unifies customer data throughout your whole organization. It helps you activate your users and give them real-time interaction. You can target certain user segments with the appropriate message, content, or products at the right time through the most used channels by using specified audiences. Customer data is gathered through a system of trackers embedded in various areas of your website.

CDP - how does it work

Installation and configuration

To start using Ibexa CDP, first you need to contact your sales representative, who provides you with a link to register your Ibexa CDP account. When you're done with registration process, you'll be able to access a separate instance with the data needed to configure, activate, and use this feature.

After your account is created, you can download and install the Ibexa CDP package that is opt-in and needs to be downloaded separately. Last step is to go through the configuration process.

Customer profile

In Ibexa CDP you can build 360° customer profiles. It unifies customer data from different sources to help you understand your prospects and customer needs. After you get customer data, you can unify and match customer profiles based on their preferences and habits. You can create and analyze complete, 360° customer profiles based on demographics, interactions, behaviors, and transactional data. This approach helps you create a single customer view.

Customer profile

Segment groups

To create a personalized customer experience, you need to group your clients into specified audiences. Ibexa DXP comes with a ready solution - segment groups. Segment group information is reused by various Ibexa DXP functionalities, such as Personalization or content targeting.

You can create a segment group in the Back Office of Ibexa DXP. It serves as a container for all segments data generated by Ibexa CDP. When you create a segment group, you need to provide its name and identifier. Be careful while doing so, as after you create the segment group in the Back Office and connect it to Ibexa CDP, you cannot change it in any way, including edit its name.

Remember to add a segment group identifier to the configuration, under the segment_group_identifier field.


Data export

Configuration in Ibexa CDP allows you to automate the process of exporting Content, Users, and Products. An ibexa_cdp.data_export configuration key includes the schedule setting where you can find separate sections for exporting User, Content, and Product. Structure of each section is exactly the same and includes interval and options elements:

  • interval - sets the frequency of the command invoke using cron expressions, for example, '*/30 * * * *' means "every 30 minutes", '0 */12 * * *' means "every 12th hour".

  • options - allows you to add arguments that have to be passed to the export command.

This configuration allows you to provide multiple export workflows with parameters. It's important, because all the types of content/product must have their own parameters on the CDP side, where each has a different Stream ID key and different required values configured per data source.

Regarding data export, currently, only Stream File transport is supported and can be initialized from the configuration.

For more information, see CDP data export.

Data customization

​You can customize Content and Product data exported to Ibexa CDP and control what Field Type information you want to export. With Ibexa CDP, you can export Field Types and Field Type values. They are exported with metadata and attributes, for example, ID, Field Definition name, type, value.

For more information, see data customization documentation in Developer Documentation.

Client-side Tracking

The final step is setting up a tracking script. For more information, see CDP add client-side tracking and tutorial in Raptor documentation.

Audience Builder

In the Audience Builder, you can create audiences - groups of users that meet the assumed conditions. You can choose specific conditions: did, did not, or have. The conditions did and did not allow you to use events like buy, visit or add to a cart from online tracking. The have conditions are tied to personal characteristics and can be used to track the sum of all buys or top-visited categories.

You can also connect created audiences to the activations.

Audience Builder


Personalized user experience

With Ibexa CDP you can build unique and memorable experience for your customers and create individual customer profiles. By using 360° client profiles, you can connect with the right customer at the right moment, in the right place. Build extensive customer profiles that include their interactions, habits, and preferences from several touchpoints.

Segment groups

Provide a personalized customer experience, group your clients into specified audiences, and provide recommendations depending on the user data. Create Segment groups to deliver personalized campaigns to boost engagement and conversion rates.

Audience Builder

Create user groups - audiences - based on conditions and events.

Data export

Export data regarding Content, Users, and Products. Data export includes automatic file mapping. Analyze customer data, track campaigns, and discover the most effective strategies to boost performance.

Data customization

Customize data to control what Field Type information you want to export.

Real-time action

Deliver relevant interactions in the right place at the right time for optimal results thanks to dynamic, real-time data updates. Take advantage of event-triggered communications which are aligned with your customers immediate interests.