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4.1. Update templates

Back-Office templates

The naming and location of templates in the Back Office have been changed. If you extend or modify these templates, you need to adapt your code.

For the full list of template changes, see the list of removals and deprecations.

Twig functions and filters

A number of Twig functions, filters and helpers have been renamed. If your templates use them, you need to update them.

Templating component

The templating component integration is now deprecated. As a result, the way to indicate a template path has changed.

For example:

  • Use: "@@EzPlatformUser/user_settings/list.html.twig" instead of: "EzPlatformUserBundle:user_settings:list.html.twig"
  • Use: {% extends "@EzPublishCore/content_fields.html.twig" %} instead of: {% extends "EzPublishCoreBundle::content_fields.html.twig" %}

Form templates

Content type editing has been moved from repository-forms to ezplatform-admin-ui.

Forms for content creation have been moved from repository-forms to ezplatform-content-forms.

If your templates extend any of those built-in templates, you need to update their paths.

Deprecated controller actions

If your templates still use the deprecated viewLocation and embedLocation actions of ViewController, you need to rewrite them to use viewAction and embedAction respectively.

Referencing controller actions

To reference a controller, you now need to use serviceOrFqcn::method syntax instead of bundle:controller:action:

Use: controller: My\ExampleBundle\Controller\DefaultController::articleViewAction

Instead of: controller: AcmeExampleBundle:Default:articleView