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Ibexa Personalization is a service that offers personalized recommendations or serves targeted content to the visitors of your website, based on their preferences and behavior.

Personalization can be used both by publishers, for example, to track content consumption and promote content, and in e-commerce, to drive purchases.

To provide online recommendations, the service must at least:

  • Track user actions through a web browser or a mobile app
  • Store the user actions
  • Use the data to generate recommendations
  • Provide recommendations on a customer's website

How it works

The idea behind the Personalization service is built upon four main steps.

  1. A User visits a news service or an online store, navigates through it and leaves some footprints. The most popular footprints are selecting (CLICK) and purchasing  products (BUY).
  2. This information is sent to the Personalization client every time these events happen.
  3. The Personalization server accumulates the tracked events, categorizes them and calculates recommendations for every product and every user in the shop.
  4. Recommendations can be fetched from the Personalization service and presented to users during their sessions.

Overview of how recommendation works

For more information about available functionalities, see User Documentation.

For more information about enabling the Personalization service, see Enable Personalization.