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Back Office

The Back Office interface is produced by the ibexa/admin-ui bundle. Additionally, it uses React-based modules that make each part of the UI extensible, and Bootstrap for styling. The interface is accessible in your browser at http://<yourdomain>/admin.

To extend the Back Office with PHP code, you can use events, either built-in Symfony events or events dispatched by the application.

Some extensibility, such as adding custom tags, is possible without writing your own code, with configuration and templating only.

String translations

Refer to Custom string translations to learn how to provide string translations when extending the Back Office.

  • Back Office configuration

    Configure default upload locations, pagination limits, and more settings for the Back Office.

  • Back Office menus

    All menus in the Back Office are based on KnpMenuBundle and you can easily extend them with new items.

  • Back Office tabs

    Tabs are used for content view, in dashboard, system information and other parts of the Back Office and are extensible.

  • Reusable components

    Speed up creating Back Office templates with the help of ready-made reusable components.

  • Notifications

    You can send notifications to users who work with the Back Office by using notification bars or notifications in the user menu.

  • Browser

    Customize the configuration of the content browser.

  • Add user setting

    Add the option to select a custom preference in user menu.

  • Customize calendar

    Add custom events to the calendar and customize its looks.