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Search engines

Ibexa DXP enables you to use different search engines. Currently, they exist in their own Ibexa DXP Bundles:

  1. Legacy search engine - a database-powered search engine for basic needs.
  2. Solr - an integration providing better overall performance, better scalability and support for more advanced search capabilities.
  3. Elasticsearch - a document-oriented engine providing even better performance and scalability.

Search engines comparison

Feature Legacy Search Engine (SQL) Solr Elasticsearch
Filtering Yes, limited* Yes Yes
Query (filter with scoring) Only filters, no scoring Yes Yes
Fulltext search Yes, limited** Yes Yes, limited
Index-time boosting No No Query-time boosting***
Aggregations No Yes Yes

* Usage of Criteria and Sort Clauses for Fields does not perform well on medium to larger amount of data with Legacy Search Engine (SQL).

** For more information about fulltext search syntax support, see Fulltext Criterion.

*** Elasticsearch offers query-time boosting instead.