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Activity Log Search Criteria reference

Activity Log Search Criteria are found in the Ibexa\Contracts\ActivityLog\Values\ActivityLog\Criterion namespace.

Those Criteria are to be used with Ibexa\Contracts\ActivityLog\Values\ActivityLog\Query for Ibexa\Contracts\ActivityLog\ActivityLogServiceInterface::find.

They're applied to log entry groups. For example, with the criterion ActionCriterion, you get log entry groups that have at least one entry with this action (and possibly other actions as well).

See Searching in the Activity Log groups for how to use a query, and an example combining several criteria.

Value-based criteria

Search Criterion Search based on
ActionCriterion Performed action name(s)
LoggedAtCriterion Before, after or at a given date and time
ObjectCriterion Manipulated object's classname, and optionally objects' IDs
ObjectNameCriterion Manipulated object's name, in whole or in part
UserCriterion User performing the action

Logical criteria

Search Criterion Description
LogicalNot Logical NOT criterion that matches if the provided Criteria don't match.
LogicalAnd Logical AND criterion that matches if all the provided Criteria match.
LogicalOr Logical OR criterion that matches if at least one of the provided Criteria matches.