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Create campaign

Campaign is a set of concepts, divided into steps, that the user can configure. It can contain a welcome screen, an interaction element, a form step, an exit screen, and so on. To create new campaign, you need to use Qualifio Manager. You can use Qualifio's existing templates and interactive elements, such as quizzes, pools, and forms, to create visually appealing, customized campaigns. Users can configure the backgrounds, themes, or designs, and set up a specific time frame for each campaign.

Technically, each campaign has a unique campaign ID, that is automatically defined by the Qualifio platform when it is created.

For more information about creating and managing campaigns, see Qualifio documentation.

Publication channels

Each campaign includes a minimum of one publication channel that you can choose from the three options the platform provides for publishing a campaign. For more information about publication channels, see Publication channel in the User Documentation.

Use Campaign block in Page Builder

You can add Campaign block in Page Builder to display campaign on the Landing Page.

To select campaign, go to Properties tab -> Campaign and choose campaign from the drop-down list. This list includes all campaigns available on user's Qualifio account which are active or scheduled to launch in the future.

Campaign block

Embed campaign in the Rich text field

You can embed campaign in the Rich text field with Campaign custom tag. To do it, insert campaign content item in the Rich Text Field and paste Campaign URL.

Campaign custom tag