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Ibexa DXP v4.0

Version number: v4.0

Release date: February 4, 2022

Release type: Fast Track

Notable changes

Redesigned user interface

The the Back Office has undergone a complete redesign, including revised look and feel, simplified navigation and more streamlined workflows.

New UI


Read more about the rationale and process for the redesign on Ibexa blog.

New product catalog

New product catalog enables easy management of products, stock and prices.

Products are now organized into product types, each offering a specific set of attributes that you can use to provide information about a product. You can also set VAT rates per product type.

Product catalog

Price management

You can now configure prices with discounts per product and per customer group. Separate currencies enable you to set different price rules for different currencies.

Price management

Taxonomy management

You can now organize content adding tags and create taxonomy categories to make it easy for your site users to browse and to deliver content appropriate for them.

Separate recommendations for different websites

Personalization service has been enhanced to allow returning separate recommendations for different websites. This way you can eliminate irrelevant recommendations when you set up stores that operate on different markets or under different brands.

For more information, see Support for multiple websites.

Other changes

Draft locking

You can now configure and use the locking feature to lock a draft of a Content item, so that only an assigned person can edit it, and no other user can take it over.

For more information, see the Draft locking and the relevant user documentation.

Online Editor is now based on CKEditor

You can now edit content of RichText Fields using CKEditor and extend its functionality with many elements.

For more information, see Extend Online Editor.

Enhanced GraphQL location handling

GraphQL now enables better querying of Locations and URLs.

Migration API

You can now manage data migrations by using the PHP API, including getting migration information and running individual migration files.

See Managing migrations for more information.

Decide whether alternative text for Image field is optional

Alternative text for an Image field is now optional by default. You can set it as required when adding the Image field to a Content Type.

Configure what elements are available in the Page Builder for the Content type

You can now select which page blocks, page layout and what edit mode are available in the Editor mode for the Content type. For more information, see Working with Page.

Purge all submissions of given form

You can purge all submissions of a given form. For more information, see Forms.

Hidden eCommerce features

Commerce tab and all its features are now disabled by default. For more information, see Enable Commerce features.

External datasource handling

Pesronalization has been given an option to fetch content feed from external sources.

Category exclusion

Personalization service has been enhanced with a feature which allows to exclude categories from the recommendation response. See Exclusions.


Code cleanup results

v4.0 sees significant code cleanup, including renaming of namespaces, services, REST API endpoints and many other internal names.

Refer to Ibexa DXP v4.0 deprecations and backwards compatibility breaks for full details of changes and how they influence your project.

Full changelog

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