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This page explains how to quickly install and set up eZ Platform for development.


To quickly install eZ Platform, you need a Linux machine with PHP and MySQL installed, as well as Node.js and Yarn.

For more details see Full requirements.


To install eZ Platform you need Composer and git on your system.

composer create-project --keep-vcs ezsystems/ezplatform .
composer ezplatform-install

For more details see Install eZ Platform.

Run eZ Platform

To run eZ Platform on the built-in PHP server:

php bin/console server:run

The command will output the address of the development server. Add /admin to access the Back Office. The default Administrator login is admin with password publish.

Project structure

eZ Platform is a Symfony app and follows the project structure used by Symfony.

For more details see Structuring a bundle.

First steps

See First steps for common first tasks on a clean eZ Platform installation.