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eZ Platform v2.0.0

Version number: v2.0.0

Release date: December 22, 2017

Release type: Fast Track

LTS release

Parallel to this v2.0.0 version we are releasing a Long Term Support (LTS) version based on 1.x: v1.13.0.

Notable changes

eZ Platform v2.0.0 introduces significant changes to the architecture, especially to the back-office interface.

Symfony 3

eZ Platform has become a pure Symfony application, based on Symfony 3, which brings with it many enhancements.


Note that the move to Symfony 3 causes some changes, for example to the project's directory structure.

Among others, the var directory now contains cache and logs. The bin directory is now used to call the console command, so use bin/console instead of app/console.

Back-office interface

The back-office interface no longer uses YUI, and is instead based on React components and Bootstrap, which makes it easier to extend. See the extensibility page to learn how to extend the new version of the UI.

The features of eZ Platform remain the same as in 1.x versions. However, the look of the interface has changed significantly.

v2.0.0 interface


The StudioUI still uses the 1.x interface. It will be rewritten to the new architecture in an upcoming version.

Changed requirements

eZ Platform v2.0.0 requires PHP version 7.1, instead of 5.6, as before. Together with improved architecture, this ensures that the application can work up to several times more quickly than before.


Installation guide

Technical requirements