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4.9 Other code updates

HTTP cache

HTTP cache bundle now uses FOS Cache Bundle v2. If your code makes use of HTTP cache bundle, see the list of changes and deprecations.

User checker

Add the user checker to firewall by adding the following line to config/packages/security.yaml:

            # ...
            user_checker: eZ\Publish\Core\MVC\Symfony\Security\UserChecker
            # ...


The ContainerAwareCommand class is not available in Symfony 5. Therefore, if your custom commands use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Command\ContainerAwareCommand as a base class, you must rewrite them to use Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command instead.


Some permission choice loaders and permission-related methods have been removed. If your code uses them, you must rewrite it to use the permission resolver.

Container parameters

A number of Symfony Dependency Injection Container parameters have been dropped.

Check if your code uses such invalid parameters: search for them by using the ezpublish\..*\.class regular expression pattern. When found, replace all the occurrences with fully-qualified class names.


If your code relies on automatically registering QueryTypes through the naming convention <Bundle>\QueryType\*QueryType, you need to register your QueryTypes as services and tag them with ezpublish.query, or enable their automatic configuration (autoconfigure: true).

Symfony namespaces

A number of Symfony namespaces have changed, and you must update your code if it uses them. For example, the following namespaces are now different:

Use Instead of
Symfony\Contracts\Translation\TranslatorInterface Symfony\Component\Translation\TranslatorInterface
Symfony\Contracts\EventDispatcher\Event Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\Event

For more information, search for removed classes in Symfony version 4.0 and version 5.0 documentation.

Apache/Nginx configuration

Make sure that your Apache/Nginx configuration is up to date with Symfony 5. Refer to the provided vhost.template for an example.


Due to a number of compatibility breaks and deprecations introduced in eZ Platform v3.0, the changes that result from the above considerations might not be sufficient. Make sure that you review your code and account for all changes listed in Deprecations and backwards compatibility breaks.

Next steps

Now, proceed to the next step, updating to v3.3.