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TextBlock Field Type

The Field Type handles a block of multiple lines of unformatted text. It is capable of handling up to 16,777,216 characters.

Name Internal name Expected input type
TextBlock eztext string

PHP API Field Type

Input expectations

Type Example
string "This is a block of unformatted text"

Value object


The Value class of this Field Type contains the following properties:

Property Type Description
$text string This property will be used for the text content.
String representation

A TextBlock's string representation is the $text property's value, as a string.


The constructor for this Value object will initialize a new Value object with the value provided. It accepts a string as argument and will import it to the $text attribute.


This Field Type does not perform any special validation of the input value.


Settings contain only one option:

Name Type Default value Description
textRows integer 10 Number of rows for the editing box in the back-end interface.