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Step 1 - Creating a bundle

To extend eZ Platform's Back Office, the very first thing to do is to create a Symfony bundle. For that, you can use the Symfony generate bundle command in the following way:

bin/console generate:bundle --namespace=EzSystems/ExtendingTutorialBundle --dir=src --format=yml --no-interaction

This will generate a new bundle skeleton in src/EzSystems/ExtendingTutorialBundle, add it to the application kernel and configure eZ Platform to use the generated routing.yml.

Bundle name

You can pick a different namespace and directory for the bundle. If you do so, remember to modify the code provided in the tutorial to suit your names.


During bundle generation you can see the error "The command was not able to configure everything automatically". Then add the following line to composer.json under autoload:psr-4:

"EzSystems\\ExtendingTutorialBundle\\": "src/EzSystems/ExtendingTutorialBundle"

Then execute composer dump-autoload to regenerate the autoload files.