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Ibexa DXP consists of the technical platform for creating and managing online experiences, designed for developers and end-users alike. It includes a Web framework, APIs and a Content Repository. It features a customizable user interface where you can work with the content, products, media, as well as manage other functionalities and administer the platform.

Depending on the product edition, Ibexa DXP can provide advanced capabilities in such areas as:


Ibexa DXP must be installed by the administrators. They should provide you with the address of the installation.

Access the Back Office

To access the Back Office (or the user/editor interface), add /admin to the address provided by the administrator. For example, if your website's URL is, you enter the editing interface through

If you are the administrator, the default administrator account information is:

  • username: admin
  • password:publish

Otherwise, to login, you must get your user credentials from the administrator and enter them on the login screen.

Login screen

Edit user profile

You can edit your profile and modify the following data:

  • Avatar image
  • First and last name
  • Signature
  • Department


The fields may differ depending on your system configuration.

1. To modify profile, in the upper-right corner, click the avatar icon.

2.From the drop-down menu, select Profile.

3. In the User profile screen, in the Summary section, click Edit.

4. Go to Image and click Upload file or drag and drop your photo. If necessary, you can edit the foto with the Image Editor.

Edit avatar

5. Now your avatar photo has been uploaded and is visible in the Back Office.

6. To save changes, click Update.

If you don't set your own image, a default avatar with your initials is displayed.

Change the password and other user settings

You can access your user settings on the right side of the top bar:

User preferences menu

Here you can change your user password and define your user preferences, such as preferred timezone, date and time format, or Back Office language.


Setting Description
Default currency Sets the default currency used in the Back Office.
Toggle In-Context translation feature Enables or disables integration with Crowdin to navigate the interface while translating.
User Time Zone Sets time zone in the Back Office.
Date and time format Sets format used in the Back Office.
Language Sets the default language used in the Back Office.

Content authoring

Setting Description
Autosave draft every given period Enables or disables autosaving drafts.
Seconds till next draft autosave Sets time period for next autosave.
Enable character count in Online Editor Enables or disables charactes count.
Automatically open block settings in builders Enables or disables the behavior of blocks used in builders.


Setting Description
Number of items displayed in the table Sets the number of items displayed in sub-items.
Location preview Enables or disabled a thumbnail preview on the Content Tree.


Setting Description
Focus mode Enables or disables the focus mode.


Setting Description
Active dashboard Sets which dashboard is displayed after you log in.