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Advanced publishing options


There are three ways in which you can schedule content to be published in the future:

Schedule tab

The Schedule tab is available in the configuration of all Page blocks. You can use it to set the date and time when the block becomes visible and when it disappears from a Page.

Schedule tab

Content Scheduler block

In the Content Scheduler block you can select Content items to be displayed at a selected time.

For each Content item you can choose an airtime - a date and time in the future. At this time the Content item will become visible.

The Content Scheduler block has a limit of Content items. If the limit is filled and a new Content item is displayed, the oldest item will disappear from the block.

Content Scheduler

Date-based publishing

When editing a Content item, select Publish Later in the menu on the right.

Publish Later button in the menu

You will see a Future publication setting window. Choose a date and time and the content will be published at that time.

If you had planned a future publication date and enter the edit mode of the same Content item, you also have a new option in the menu: Discard publish later. Use it to remove the previously selected publication date.

Discard Publish Date button in the menu


The timeline in Page mode shows all changes that will happen to the Page in the future.

You can use the slider to preview what the Page will look like at a given time. Use the button on the right of the time to see a list of all upcoming changes.

List of upcoming events in the timeline