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Install on Ibexa Cloud

Ibexa Cloud enables you to host your application in the cloud by using the service.

1. Prepare configuration files

If you didn't run the composer ibexa:setup command during installation, run it now:

composer ibexa:setup --platformsh

This command adds to your project configuration files required for using Ibexa Cloud.

You can adapt the configuration in the following places:

  • - main configuration
  • .platform/services.yml - additional services such as search engines or cache
  • .platform/routes.yml - routes to additional services, for example Fastly

For details about available configuration settings, refer to documentation.

Disk space

The total disk space depends on your Ibexa Cloud subscription level. You can assign disk space to the main app container under the disk key. You can distribute the remaining space between other containers (for example, the database) or search engine in .platform/services.yaml, under the individual service definitions.

Build and deploy process

Configuration under hooks defines the process of building and deploying your project.


During the build phase (defined in the configuration), files in the project have read/write permissions (can be modified).

During deployment (defined in the hooks.deploy configuration), all files in the project are read-only.

Additional services

.platform/services.yaml contains preconfigured setting blocks that you can uncomment to enable services such as Solr or Elasticsearch, or persistent Redis session storage.

For information about available services, see documentation.

If you enable any of the services, you must uncomment the relevant relationship under the relationship key in as well.

2. Create an account

Log in to or create an account if you don't have one yet.

Create a project and select its region.


Don't use which doesn't list Ibexa Cloud projects. Use to manage your Ibexa Cloud projects.

3. Prepare for hosting

After the project is created, the website walks you through preparing your project for hosting. This includes adding an SSH key, and adding as a git remote.

Add your Composer authentication token to the project before pushing it to You can set this token as an environment variable.

When you do, make sure the Visible during runtime box in configuration is unchecked. This ensures that the token isn't exposed.

Setting token to be invisible during runtime

4. Push the project

When you are done with configuration, push your project to the remote:

git push -u <> master

You can also use the Ibexa Cloud CLI to push your code.

ibexa_cloud push master


master is the name for the production branch.


Do not use CLI (platform), instead, use the Ibexa Cloud CLI (ibexa_cloud).

To install Ibexa Cloud CLI, follow "Installation instructions".

Ibexa Cloud CLI and CLI share the same commands and the same documentation, but you have to replace platform with ibexa_cloud.

If you have previously set up an alias to use CLI with Ibexa Cloud, it is outdated. Remove the alias and install Ibexa Cloud CLI instead.