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By default, Ibexa DXP offers the following predefined Roles:

Role Functions
Ecommerce anonymous Allows a user to see the content and catalog. They can see prices and can place products in basket.
Ecommerce checkout Allows the user to go through the checkout and place an order.
Ecommerce registered users Allows the user to manage the accounts of the registered users.

List of available Ibexa Commerce modules and functions

Name Description
Siso policy / All functions User has access to all functions
Siso policy / Checkout User can access the checkout process
Siso policy / Quickorder User can access the quick order functionality
Siso policy / Read basket User can access their basket view
Siso policy / Write basket User can add products to basket
Siso policy / Configuration list User can access configuration in the Back Office
Siso policy / Edit invoice User can edit invoice address in their profile
Siso policy / Edit delivery User can edit delivery address in their profile
Siso policy / Dashboard view User can access the dashboard
Siso policy/ Forms profile edit User can access profile editing
Siso policy / Manage orders User can manage orders
Siso policy / Manage rating Unused
Siso policy / Manage prices User can manage prices
Siso policy / Manage stock User can manage stock
Siso policy / Manage config User can manage configuration settings
Siso policy / Order list User can access their list of orders
Siso policy / See product price User can see prices in the catalog, slider, product detail and comparison
Siso policy / Translations User can change translations in the Back Office
Siso policy / Rating review Unused
Siso policy / Red customers and orders User can see the Last orders and Best clients tabs in the cockpit
siso_customercener/approve Company user can approve/reject orders in the Customer center
siso_customercenter/buy Company user can buy products in the Customer center
siso_customercenter/view Company user can access te Customer center
Siso policy / Lostorder manage User can access the lost orders list
Siso policy / Lostorder process User can process a lost order (transfer it or remove it)
Siso policy / Lostorder list User can access their list of lost orders
Siso policy / Delegate User can use the delegate functionality