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These requirements cover both running the software on-premise and on third-party PaaS providers.

eZ Platform Cloud

Upgrade to v1.13 or higher to get access to subscribe to eZ Platform Cloud, where recommended configuration and support is provided out of the box.


eZ software is built to rely on existing technologies and standards. The minimal setup is PHP,  MySQL/MariaDB, and Apache/Nginx. Recommendation for production setups is to use Varnish, and  Memcached/Redis, NFS and Solr in a clustered setup.

For supported versions of these technologies see Recommended and Supported setups below.

These setups are tested by QA and are generally recommended setups. For security and performance we furthermore recommend use of the newer versions of components below unless otherwise noted.

Debian Ubuntu RHEL / CentOS
Operating system 8.x "Jessie" 16.04LTS 7.x
Web Server Nginx 1.6
Apache 2.4 (prefork mode)
Nginx 1.10
Apache 2.4 (prefork mode)
Nginx 1.10 (latest via RHSCL)
Apache 2.4 (prefork mode)
DBMS MariaDB 10.0
MySQL 5.5.3
MariaDB 10.0
MySQL 5.7*
MariaDB 10.1 (latest via RHSCL)
MariaDB 10.0 (latest via RHSCL)
MySQL 5.6 (latest via RHSCL)
MariaDB 5.5
PHP PHP 5.6 (via libapache2-mod-php5 for Apache) PHP 7.0 PHP 7.0 (latest via RHSCL)
PHP 5.6 (latest via RHSCL)
PHP packages php5-cli
php5-fpm (for use with nginx)
php5-mysqlnd or php5-pgsql
or php5-imagick
php5-twig (optional, improves performance on php 5.x)
php-fpm (for use with nginx)
php-mysql or php-pgsql
php-gd or php-imagick
php-fpm (for use with nginx)
php-mysqlnd or php-pgsql
php-pear (optional, provides pecl)
php-gd or php-imagick (via pecl)
php-memcached (recommended, via pecl)
Cluster PHP packages
Also recommended for single server setup, improves performance of cache clearing operations.
php5-memcached or php-redis (via pecl) php-memcached (via pecl) or php-redis (via pecl) php-memcached (via pecl) or php-redis (via pecl)


Solr versions older than 6.6.2 have a security vulnerability. Remember to download or update to a higher version.

Search Solr (recommended, for better performance and scalability of all API Queries):

Solr 4.10

Oracle Java/Open JDK: 7 or 8 (needed for Solr, version 8 recommended)

NOTE: If your Java version is higher than 8, you need to downgrade it to Oracle Java/Open JDK: 8.
Graphic Handler GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick or GD
Clustering Linux NFS or S3 (for IO, aka binary files stored in content repository)
Memcached or Redis (for Persistence cache & Sessions)
Varnish (for HttpCache)
Filesystem Linux ext3 / ext4
Package manager Composer

Other supported setups

For security and performance we generally recommend (unless otherwise noted and marked with *) using the newer versions of components below.

  • OS: Linux
  • Web Servers:
    • Apache 2.2, 2.4, with required modules mod_php, mod_rewrite, mod_env and recommended: mod_setenvif, mod_expires
    • Nginx 1.6, 1.8. 1.10, 1.12
  • DBMS
    • MySQL 5.5.3 and higher, 5.6*, 5.7*
    • MariaDB 5.5 (new enough to support utf8mb4 character set), 10.0, 10.1, 10.2*, 10.3*
  • PHP

    • 5.6
    • 7.0 - 7.1
  • PHP extensions/modules

    • curl
    • ctype
    • fileinfo
    • iconv
    • intl
    • json
    • mbstring
    • opcache (recommended over APC)
    • pdo
      • pdo mysql (with mysqlnd)
    • posix
    • readline
    • reflection
    • xml
    • xsl
    • zip
    • php-memcached (3.x on PHP 7, 2.2 on PHP 5) or php-redis

* Note: Mysql 5.7+ and MariaDB 10.2+ changes how certain queries are parsed and is known to have issues with content attribute sorting queries in legacy because of that at the moment, MySQL 5.6 technically works but executes several hundred times slower on said queries. Because of this we overall recommend MariaDB 10.1 and 10.0, and don't recommend MySQL 5.6/5.7+ and MariaDB 10.2+ in use with legacy at the moment.

Development and Experimental setups

eZ Platform, the foundation of all eZ software, can theoretically run and execute on many more setups than the ones listed as recommended and supported, including any operating system supported by PHP, on a PHP 5.6 version or higher that pass the Symfony requirements, using cache solutions technically supported by Stash, using databases supported by Doctrine DBAL, and using a binary file storage solution supported by FlySystem.

Examples of Development setups:

  • OS: Windows, macOS X, Linux
  • Filesystem: NTFS, HFS+, ...

Examples of Experimental setups:

  • OS: Any system supported by PHP
  • Filesystem: BTRFS, AUFS, APFS, ...
  • IO: Azure, (S)FTP, GridFS, etc.
  • Databases: Postgres, MSSQL, Oracle (As in technically supported by Doctrine DBAL which we use, but none supported by our installer at the moment, and Oracle and MSSQL is not covered by automated testing)

While all these options are not actively supported by eZ Systems, they are community supported. Meaning you can use them with both open source edition and enterprise edition, however if you encounter issues best way to handle them is via contribution, and any such efforts made to improve support for these technologies can contribute to the technology being supported by eZ Systems in the near future.


eZ software is developed to work with any web browser that support modern standards, on any screen resolution suitable for web, running on any device. However for the Editorial and Administration User Interfaces you'll need; a minimum of 1024-by-768 screen resolution, a desktop or tablet device, and a recommended/supported browsers found below.

These setups have been undergone some additional manual testing and is known to work.

  • Mozilla® Firefox® most recent stable version
  • Google Chrome™ most recent stable version
  • Microsoft® Edge® most recent stable version

Supported browsers

  • Apple® Safari® most recent stable version, desktop and tablet
  • Opera® most recent stable version, or higher, desktop and mobile 

Please note that the user interface might not look or behave exactly the same across all browsers as it will gracefully degrade if browser does not support certain features.

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