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You can create catalogs, to build special catalogs, for example for B2B and B2C uses, for retailers and distributors or for different regions. Catalogs contain a selection of products from the system.

Catalog menu with a sample catalog

Creating catalogs

To create a catalog:

  1. In the Product catalog section in the menu, select Catalogs.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter the name and identifier for the catalog.
  4. Select filters that decide which products are included in the catalog.
  5. Click Create.

Catalog filters

When you create a new catalog, all products are included in it by default. You can narrow down this selection by applying the following filters from the Add filter menu:

  • Category
  • Created (date when the product was created)
  • Availability
  • Code
  • Price (in selected currency, with the option to set minimum and maximum price)
  • Type
  • and additionally, filters based on all configured product attributes

Adding filters to catalog

The Products section at the bottom of the catalog screen shows a preview of which products fit the current filters. The list is updated automatically when you add or modify filters. You can also remove selected filters there.

You can view all products in a catalog in its Products tab:

List of products in a catalog

Copying catalogs

You can copy existing catalogs, for example to create a variant version of an offer with slightly differing filters. To do so, in the catalog's view screen click Copy.

You can then modify the copied catalog (for example, change its name or fine-tine filters), and save the updated version.

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