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The product catalog enables handling of products offered in the website, including their specifications, and pricing.

The catalog is available in the left menu.

Product catalog in the menu

Create products

To create a product you must first decide which product type it belongs to.

Product types represent categories that a product can belong to. A product type can be, for example, a sofa or a keyboard.

Product types, like Content Types, define the global properties of products and Fields a product consists of. A product type also defines the attributes that all products of this type can have.

Adding a product type


Attributes describe a product's characteristics. The customer can use them to filter and search for products.

Typical product attribute examples are: length, weight, color, format, and so on.

Each attribute belongs to an attribute group. An example of an attribute group can be dimensions (which consists of length, width, height, and so on).

Creating an attribute in a group

When adding attributes to product types, you can add both individual attributes, and whole groups.

Adding attributes to a product type

Product availability and stock

To control a product's availability and the available stock, use the product's Availability tab.

Product availability

Use the switcher to indicate whether the product is currently available in the catalog.

You can also set the exact number of products available in stock. Set the availability to Infinite if specific stock number is not tracked. You can use it, for example, for digital download products.

Setting product availability and stock