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The Cockpit shows the most important information for the shop owner referring to the installation.


Currently, available sections:

  • Technical subsection
    • HDD usage
    • Server load
    • ERP Status
  • Active shopping carts (in last 30 minutes)
  • Number of customers
  • Number of products (The number of products only respects the content model data provider. The number of products in the eContent is displayed in Control Center / Manage eContent.)

Sales and Orders

The Dales and Orders data refers to a specific shop. If there is more than one shop in the installation, the shop owner can choose shop and currency.

Currently available data:

  • Sales - shows orders value in time
  • Orders - shows number of orders

You can select a specific date range or one of predefined date ranges.

Products and sales

Product and sales section shows data in tables such as:

  • Bestsellers (Top 20)
  • Last orders (Last 365)
  • Best clients (Top 20)

Tabs Last orders and Best clients are only visible for users who have the Siso policy / Read customers and orders Policy. See Permissions for more information.

The search section offers the following statistics:

1. Top search terms

Lists top 50 search terms including how often they are searched for and how many hits (average) they have.

2. Last search terms

The latest 50 search terms ordered by date.

3. Most searched terms with less hits

This table shows search terms which did not lead to a result and the number of times they were searched for.