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Customer profile data

Customer profile data model


CustomerProfileData (Ibexa\Bundle\Commerce\Eshop\Model\CustomerProfileData\CustomerProfileData) is the main class for the customer profile data entity. It contains addresses, SesUser, and optional data within a CustomerProfileDataMap.

Addresses are stored in Party objects. These Party classes are generated by the message generator.


Ibexa\Bundle\Commerce\Eshop\Model\CustomerProfileData\SesUser is located under CustomerProfileData and contains information about the user account such as customer number, login name, email address.


Ibexa\Bundle\Commerce\Eshop\Model\CustomerProfileData\Contact is located under SesUser and contains information about the contact.



Method Route Description
showDetailAction() ibexa.commerce.customer.detail Renders the profile detail page
addressBookAction() Renders the address book (a list with delivery addresses)
addressBookDeleteAction() Removes the given delivery address from customer profile data
logoutAction() ibexa.commerce.customer.logout Unsets all profile data within the session, logs out the user and redirects to the previous page

Profile detail page

Customer profile data services


CustomerProfileDataServiceInterface (Ibexa\Bundle\Commerce\Eshop\Model\CustomerProfileData\CustomerProfileDataServiceInterface) is the general interface for any customer profile data service.


AbstractCustomerProfileDataService (Ibexa\Bundle\Commerce\Eshop\Model\CustomerProfileData\AbstractCustomerProfileDataService) is the abstract service implementation for customer profile data. The service provides helper methods for derivative services.

Customer profile data events


CustomerProfileDataEventInterface (Ibexa\Bundle\Commerce\Eshop\Model\CustomerProfileData\CustomerProfileDataEventInterface) is the general interface for any event that is thrown in customer profile data services.


AbstractCustomerProfileDataEvent (Ibexa\Bundle\Commerce\Eshop\Model\CustomerProfileData\AbstractCustomerProfileDataEvent) is the abstract event for any customer profile data event and helper methods like setCustomerProfileData() to make a profile available for an event listener.

Customer profile data listeners


ListenerInterface (Ibexa\Bundle\Commerce\Eshop\Model\CustomerProfileData\ListenerInterface) defines the methods that all listeners must have (for example, the onPreFetch(), onPostFetch() events).