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Updating from <3.2

If you are updating from a version prior to 3.0, you have to implement all the changes from Upgrading eZ Platform to v3 before following the steps below.


During database update, you have to go through all the changes between your current version and your final version for example, when you update from v2.2 to v2.5, you have to perform all the steps from: <2.3, <2.4 and <2.5. The database will work properly only if you apply all the required changes.

Check out and update the app

1. Check out a tagged version

2. Merge composer.json

3. Update the app

Run the database update script

Ibexa DXP or Ibexa Commerce

If you are using Ibexa DXP or Ibexa Commerce, apply one of the following database update scripts:

  • for MySQL:

mysql -u <username> -p <password> <database_name> < upgrade/db/mysql/ezplatform-3.1.0-to-3.2.0.sql

  • for PostgreSQL:

psql <database_name> < upgrade/db/postgresql/ezplatform-3.1.0-to-3.2.0.sql

Continue with the update procedure

At this point you can continue with the standard update procedure:

5. changes

6. Dump assets

7. Commit, test and merge