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Navigation templates

Template list

Navigation uses the following built-in templates.

Path Description
Eshop/Resources/views/Navigation/main_navigation.html.twig Renders the navigation subcontroller that builds the main navigation
Eshop/Resources/views/Navigation/main_menu.html.twig Renders the main navigation list <ul> and includes knp_menu.html.twig
Eshop/Resources/views/Navigation/knp_menu.html.twig Renders the main navigation nodes as <li> elements

Left navigation

Path Description
Eshop/Resources/views/Navigation/left_navigation.html.twig Renders the navigation subcontroller that builds the left navigation
Eshop/Resources/views/Navigation/left_menu.html.twig Renders the left navigation list <ul> and includes left_menu.html.twig
Eshop/Resources/views/Navigation/knp_left_menu.html.twig Renders the left navigation nodes as <li> elements


Path Description
Eshop/Resources/views/Navigation/offcanvas_navigation.html.twig Renders the navigation subcontroller that builds the offcanvas navigation
Eshop/Resources/views/Navigation/offcanvas_menu.html.twig Renders the offcanvas navigation list <ul> and includes knp_offcanvas.html.twig
Eshop/Resources/views/Navigation/knp_offcanvas.html.twig Renders the offcanvas navigation nodes as <li> elements

Custom Twig functions


Fetches the parent product catalog Location ID from a Ibexa\Bundle\Commerce\Eshop\Catalog\CatalogElement parameter.

{% set product_catalog_id = get_parent_product_catalog(catalogElement) %}


Returns a comma-separated string of data_location-id attributes of the given element. All parent Locations including the element Location are returned. These data_location-ids are used to highlight the active node in the navigation.

The function can take as parameters:

  • Ibexa\Contracts\Core\Repository\Values\Content\Location
  • Ibexa\Bundle\Commerce\Eshop\Catalog\CatalogElement
{% set data_locations = get_data_location_ids(location) %}
{% set data_locations = get_data_location_ids(catalogElement) %}