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Multisite configuration is done using SiteAccesses.

A SiteAccess is a set of configuration settings that the application uses when you access the site through a specific address. When the user visits the site, the system analyzes the URI and compares it to rules specified in the configuration. If it finds a set of fitting rules, this SiteAccess is used.

You can create a multisite setup with SiteAccesses covering different use cases, for example:

A multisite set-up enables you to configure different things per SiteAccess, for example:

Many other settings in the application are also configured per SiteAccess (also known as "SiteAccess-aware").


When possible, always use semantic (SiteAccess-aware) configuration. Manually editing internal settings is possible, but at your own risk, as unexpected behavior can occur.

To quickly set up new sites with predefined site templates, use Site Factory.