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You can build forms consisting of different fields in the Form Builder.

Forms in the shop

For information about forms that you can use in your shop, see Forms

Existing Form fields

Captcha field

The Captcha Form field is based on Gregwar/CaptchaBundle.

Captcha field

You can customize the field by adding configuration to config/packages/gregwar_captcha.yaml under gregwar_captcha:

    as_url: true
    width: 150
    invalid_message: Code does not match, please retry.
    reload: true

The example configuration above resizes the Captcha image (line 3), changes the error message (line 4), and enables the user to reload the code (line 5).

Custom captcha field

For information about available options, see Gregwar/CaptchaBundle's documentation.


If your installation uses Varnish to manage content cache, you must modify the configuration to avoid issues with the Captcha field. For more information, see Ensure proper captcha behavior.

Form submission purging

You can purge all submissions of a given form. To do this, run the following command, where form-id stands for Content ID of the form for which you want to purge data:

php bin/console ibexa:form-builder:purge-form-submissions [options] [--] <form-id>

The following table lists some of the available options and their meaning:

Switch Option Description
-l --language-code=LANGUAGE-CODE Passes a language code, for example, "eng-GB".
-u --user[=USER] Passes a repository username. By default it is "admin".
-c --batch-size[=BATCH-SIZE] Passes a number of URLs to check in a single iteration. Set it to avoid using too much memory. By default it is set to 50.
--siteaccess[=SITEACCESS] Passes a SiteAccess to use for operations. If not provided, the default SiteAccess is used.