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Checkout summary form

CheckoutSummary (Ibexa\Commerce\Checkout\Form\CheckoutSummary) extends AbstractFormEntity and manages the HTML form for order summary in checkout process.


Name Description Assertions
termsAndConditions "Terms and conditions" Checkbox field boolean
not blank
comment Optional user comment/remark string
length, max = 255
forceStep true if the user wants to force moving to next step with event errors boolean


See configuration for checkout forms.

Form Type

Ibexa\Commerce\Checkout\Form\CheckoutSummaryType (service ID: siso_checkout.form_entity.checkout_summary_type) implements the setup for this form.

This class is defined as a service to take advantage of other services, such as TransService, and to be able to read configuration settings.


The scope of this service is set to prototype. A new instance of Ibexa\Commerce\Checkout\Form\Type\CheckoutSummaryType is created every time this service is called.