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Product catalog

The product catalog enables handling of products offered in the shop, including their specifications and pricing.


Products are a special type of content that contains typical content Fields as well as additional product information.

Each product belongs to a product type (similar to how a Content item belongs to a Content Type).

Product types

Product types represent categories that a product can belong to. A product type can be, for example, a sofa or a keyboard.

Product types, like Content Types, define the global properties of products and Fields a product consists of. A product type also defines the attributes that all products of this type can have.

Product attributes

Product attributes provide different information about a product. Typical product attribute examples are: length, weight, color, format, and so on.

The following attribute types are available:

  • Checkbox
  • Color
  • Float
  • Integer
  • Measurement
  • Selection

Product attributes are collected in groups. An example of an attribute group can be dimensions (length, width, height).

You can assign both whole attribute groups or individual attributes to a product type.

Product availability and stock

Product availability defines whether a product is available in the catalog.

When a product is available, it can have numerical stock defined. The stock can also be set to infinite (for example, in case of digital products).


Availability does not automatically mean that a product can be ordered. A product can be available, but have zero stock.

A product can only be ordered when it has either positive stock, or stock set to infinite.