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4. Upgrade your code

Full list of deprecations

If you encounter any issue during the upgrade, see eZ Platform v3.0 deprecations for details of all required changes to your code.

Third-party dependencies

Because eZ Platform v3 is based on Symfony 5, you need to make sure all additional third-party dependencies that your project uses have been adapted to Symfony 5.

Automatic code refactoring - non-essential step

To simplify the process of adapting your code to Symfony 5, you can use Rector, a reconstructor tool that will automatically refactor your Symfony and PHPunit code.

To properly refactor your code, you might need to run the Rector process command for each Symfony version from 4.0 to 5.0 in turn:

vendor/bin/rector process src --set symfony40

You can find all the available sets in the Rector repository. Keep in mind that after automatic refactoring finishes there might be some code chunks that you need to fix manually.