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Update database to v3.2

Before you proceed

When you are updating from a version prior to v3.1, you must implement all the changes from v3.1 before you proceed to the steps below.

If you are using Ibexa DXP or Ibexa Commerce, apply one of the following database update scripts:

  • for MySQL:
mysql -u <username> -p <password> <database_name> < upgrade/db/mysql/ezplatform-3.1.0-to-3.2.0.sql
  • for PostgreSQL:
psql <database_name> < upgrade/db/postgresql/ezplatform-3.1.0-to-3.2.0.sql

Updating to v3.2.6

To update to v3.2.6, if you are using MySQL, additionally run the following update script:

mysql -u <username> -p <password> <database_name> < upgrade/db/mysql/ezplatform-3.2.5-to-3.2.6.sql

Update entity managers

Version v3.2.6 introduces new entity managers. To ensure that they work in multi-repository setups, you must update the GraphQL schema. You do this manually by following this procedure:

  1. Update your project to v3.2.6 and run the php bin/console cache:clear command to generate the service container.

  2. Run the following command to discover the names of the new entity managers. Take note of the names that you discover:

    php bin/console debug:container --parameter=doctrine.entity_managers --format=json | grep ibexa_

  3. For every entity manager prefixed with ibexa_, run the following command:

    php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --em=<ENTITY_MANAGER_NAME> --dump-sql

  4. Review the queries and ensure that there are no harmful changes that could affect your data.

  5. For every entity manager prefixed with ibexa_, run the following command to run queries on the database:

    php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --em=<ENTITY_MANAGER_NAME> --force

VCL configuration for Fastly

If you use Fastly, update your VCL configuration.

Locate the vendor/ezsystems/ezplatform-http-cache-fastly/fastly/ez_main.vcl file and add the following lines to it:

if (req.restarts == 0 && resp.status == 301 && req.http.x-fos-original-url) {
    set resp.http.location = regsub(resp.http.location, "/_fos_user_context_hash", req.http.x-fos-original-url);

Optimize workflow queries

Run the following SQL queries to optimize workflow performance:

CREATE INDEX idx_workflow_co_id_ver ON ezeditorialworkflow_workflows(content_id, version_no);
CREATE INDEX idx_workflow_name ON ezeditorialworkflow_workflows(workflow_name);