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3. Update the app

At this point, you should have a composer.json file with the correct requirements. Run composer update to update the dependencies.

composer update

If you want to first test how the update proceeds without actually updating any packages, you can try the command with the --dry-run switch:

composer update --dry-run

Next, you need to perform version-specific steps depending on which version you are updating from:

Updating from <2.2

When upgrading an Enterprise installation to v2.2, you need to disable EzSystemsPlatformEEAssetsBundle by removing new EzSystems\PlatformEEAssetsBundle\EzSystemsPlatformEEAssetsBundle(), from app/AppKernel.php.

Updating from <2.5

Since v2.5 eZ Platform uses Webpack Encore for asset management. You need to install Node.js and Yarn to update to this version.

In v2.5 it is still possible to use Assetic, like in earlier versions. However, if you are using the latest Bootstrap version, scssphp will not compile correctly with Assetic. In this case, use Webpack Encore. See Importing assets from a bundle for more information.

Updating from <3.0

If your application consists of several packages that are placed in locations other than the src/ folder, apply the suggestions from the 3.0 upgrade documentation to all the packages before you run composer update.

If you experience issues during the update, see Troubleshooting.