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Shop-related Twig functions


Name Parameters Description
ses_render_field CatalogElement $catalogElement
string $fieldIdentifier = ''
array $params = array()
Renders a Field of a CatalogElement
ses_product array $params = array() Returns a product node
{% set product = ses_product({'sku': line.sku, 'variantCode': line.variantCode }) %}
ses_variant_product_by_sku string $sku Fetches a VariantProductNode for the given SKU
ses_assets_main_image CatalogElement $catalogElement
string $productId = null
Returns the main image of CatalogElement or null
ses_assets_image_list CatalogElement $catalogElement
$productId = null
Returns the list of images for a CatalogElement or an empty array
ses_render_price CatalogElement $catalogElement
PriceField $field
array $params = array()
Renders a PriceField
ses_render_stock StockField $field = null,
array $params = array()
Renders a StockField
ses_render_specification_matrix CatalogElement $catalogElement Renders the product specifications
ses_basket - Gets the basket of the current user
ses_wish_list - Gets the wishlist of the current user
ses_total_comparison - Gets total basket lines array for the basket flyout
ses_check_product_in_comparison $sku
$variantCode = null
Returns true if product with the given SKU and variant code is already in the product comparison
ses_check_product_in_wish_list $sku
$variantCode = null
Returns true if product with the given SKU and variant code is already in the wishList
ses_pagination Pagerfanta $pagerfanta
$viewName = null
array $options = array()
Renders pagination
get_stored_baskets - Returns stored baskets for the current user
ses_user_menu - Returns the rendered user menu
get_search_query - Returns search query
get_siteaccess_locale $siteAccessName = null Returns the Symfony locale that matches the given SiteAccess. If no SiteAccess name is given, the current SiteAccess is used.
{% set locale = get_siteaccess_locale('ger') %}
get_characteristics_b2b VariantProductNode $catalogElement
array $order = array()
Returns characteristics sorted for B2B
has_user_role $module
Checks if the user has a Role
get_parent_product_catalog CatalogElement $catalogElement Returns the Location ID of the parent product catalog
get_data_location_ids $object Returns a comma-separated string of data_locations of the given element.
All parent Locations including the element Location are returned.
set_bold_text $needle
Returns HTML with added <strong> tag(s) to needle occurrences in haystack.
Supports multiple words.
has_subcategory $locationId
Checks if the current category has subcategories
get_customer_sku $sku
Returns customer SKU for the given SKU with customer number
get_sku $customerSku
$customerNumber = null
Returns SKU for the given customer SKU with customer number
get_search_result_template $catalogElement Renders a search card result of the catalog element
ses_fetch_content_by_identifier string $contentType
string $identifier
Fetches a Content item of the specific type and a Field identifier with a specific value
ses_config_parameter $code, $domain, $scope = null Returns a SiteAccess parameter from the configuration
st_imageconverter Abstract $imageFieldstring $size Provides an image in the required resolution
st_siteaccess_lang string $siteAccessName Returns the prioritized language for the given SiteAccess


Name Parameters Description
date_format $date
$inputFormat = 'Y-m-d'
$locale = 'en'
$dateType = '\IntlDateFormatter::GREGORIAN'
$timeType = '\IntlDateFormatter::NONE'
$formatPattern = 'dd.MM.yyyy'
Formats a date value
price_format $priceValue
Formats a price value
youtube_video_id $youtubeUrl Returns a video ID from a Youtube URL
shipping Basket $basket Returns the shipping costs from the basket or null
code_label $code,
$context = null
Returns the translated code label
basket_discounts Basket $basket Returns the discounts from the basket
basket_add_costs Basket $basket Returns the additional costs from the basket
basket_add_lines Basket $basket Returns the additional lines from the basket
sort_characteristic_codes array $characteristicCodes
By default the list of all variant codes is sorted alphabetically in the ASC order
sort_characteristics array $characteristics
array $order = array()
Returns sorted characteristics
ses_format_args $args Formats exception arguments
truncate $text
$break = ' '
$pad = '...'
Truncates the given text
$break can be used to indicate where the truncate should break, e.g. words ($break = ' '), sentences ($break = '.')
st_siteaccess_path string $urlPath
string $siteAccessName = null
Formats the given URL path into a SiteAccess path, e.g. home -> /de/home
st_siteaccess_url string $urlPath
string $siteAccessName = null
Formats the given URL path into a SiteAccess URL
e.g. home -> /en/home
st_translate $messageOrCode
$context = ''
$array $parameters = array()
$domain = null
$siteaccess = null
Returns translation for $messageOrCode

Global variables

The global variable ses provides information such as user profile data and delivery addresses.

Name Description
ses.profile Returns the current customer profile
ses.defaultBuyerAddress Returns the default BuyerParty
ses.defaultDeliveryParty Returns the default DeliveryParty
ses.deliveryParty Returns DeliveryParty by $deliveryPartyId. If no $deliveryPartyId is given, returns all parties.