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Ibexa DXP generates the shop catalog automatically from the products and content in the Repository or an ERP system.

The source of products depends on the data provider you have configured.

Data providers

Data providers define where product information is stored.

You can use one of the following data providers: the Repository data provider and the eContent data provider.

Repository data provider

When you use the Repository data provider, each product is a Content item, stored in the Repository.

Use this data provider when you have no ERP system and a limited number of products (up to 20 000).

You can create and edit all products directly in the Back Office.

Importing products when using this data provider is time-consuming.

eContent data provider

Use the eContent data provider when you have an ERP system that provides product information. This information can be imported quickly from the relevant system.

The catalog can contain more than 1 million products.

The products cannot be edited in the Back Office.

eContent offers a staging feature and allows imports during production and switching catalogs.

Changing data providers

See Switching the data provider to learn how to change the data provider.

Product categories

Product category

A category represents a product group. You can show a product category page by using different layouts (sub-categories only, products only or both) on the entry page of a category. In the Back Office, you can also configure whether bestsellers of the group should be displayed.

Subcategories in the product catalog