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ERP communication

The shop comes with a predefined set of messages that are used to communicate with ERP:

Message Description
calculate_sales_price Calculates prices based on ERP's business logic
createsalesorder Creates an order
select_customer Gets customer data from ERP
select_contact Gets contact data for a person from ERP
create_contact Creates a contact in ERP
updatecustomer Updates a customer in ERP
orderdetail Gets details about an order
invoice_detail Gets details about an invoice
delivery_note_detail Gets details about a delivery note
orderlist Gets a list of orders
invoice_list Gets a list of invoice
delivery_note_list Gets a list of delivery notes
creditmemolist Gets a list of credit memos
creditmemodetail Gets details about a credit memo
readdeliveryaddress Gets delivery address data for the provided party ID
updatedeliveryaddress Updates the ERP data of an existing delivery address
createdeliveryaddress Creates a new delivery address for the provided party ID
deletedeliveryaddress Deletes a delivery address

You can find the standard messages in EshopBundle/Resources/config/messages.yml.

Additional lines

A response that ERP sends to the shop can contain more information about a product than was requested. This information can include additional shipping costs, vouchers, bonus products, discounts, etc. This information is handled by a service that adds lines to the basket or to a basket line.

WebConnectorService passes the whole ERP response object to RemotePriceProvider. RemotePriceProvider creates additional lines in the price response if it gets additional price information from ERP that has not been requested.