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Order confirmation

After finishing the checkout (in case of an electronic payment transaction after redirection from the payment provider) the user is redirected to the confirmation page.

If the customer has a customer number, the data from the ERP is fetched again since there might be some changes.

Confirmation email

The shop sends a confirmation email to the customer and to a sales contact (if configured).

In case of a failure (e.g. if the mail server is unreachable) the issue is logged into var/logs/dev/dev-siso.mails.log (in prod mode the file name contains env=prod).

The log file contains the recipient, the email text and an error text.

Setting confirmation email address

Processing the confirmation email address is handled in \Siso\Bundle\CheckoutBundle\Service\SummaryCheckoutFormService.

Customer confirmation

The customer's confirmation email address depends on the user type and is stored in the basket object during the checkout process in several steps. There are two options:

  • For an anonymous customer the email address is taken from the Invoice Address of the basket object which is captured during the checkout process.
  • For a logged-in customer with or without a number the email is taken from Customer Profile Data from the e-shop.

Sales contact confirmation

Depending on the setup of the e-shop, a second confirmation email is sent to a sales contact. This address is also stored in the basket object next to the customer's address. The behavior is configurable:


siso_checkout.default.order_confirmation.sales_email_mode can take the the following values:

  • config - the sales contact's email address is read from the sales_email_address setting
  • customer - the sales contact's email address is read from salesContactEmail from sesUser from the customer's profile data. If no address is found in the contact data, the configuration parameter below is used as the default.

siso_checkout.default.order_confirmation.sales_email_address can be set to a valid email address of the sales contact person. If it's left empty, no sales contact confirmations are sent, except if sales_email_mode above is set to customer and the respective profile data contains a valid address.


The \Siso\Bundle\CheckoutBundle\EventListener\OrderConfirmationListener event listener sends the order confirmations as soon as an order is successfully accepted by the ERP.

This class is configured as a service which listens to the event silver_eshop.exception_message. If the response contains an ERP order number, it is considered successful and the confirmation emails are sent as configured. The following parameters are used:

    mailSender: ""
siso_checkout.default.order_confirmation_subject: "Email subject"

Order confirmation email

The order confirmation is sent via the MailHelperService.
The confirmation action searches for the basket with the given ID and state confirmed.

$basket = $this->getBasket($request, BasketService::STATE_CONFIRMED, $basketId);

Mail templates

Plain text email vendor/silversolutions/silver.e-shop/src/Silversolutions/Bundle/EshopBundle/Resources/views/Checkout/Email/order_confirmation.txt.twig
HTML email vendor/silversolutions/silver.e-shop/src/Silversolutions/Bundle/EshopBundle/Resources/views/Checkout/Email/order_confirmation.html.twig

Example email

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