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Checkout FAQ

Can I extend the size limit on orders?

Due to a restriction in JmsPaymentBundle, an order exceding 99999.99999 causes an error message.

It is possible to extend this limit using an official workaround for the JMSPaymentCoreBundle.

Also check Payment FAQ for more details.

Can I show the invoice form even if a customer has a customer number?

See AjaxCheckoutController.

How can I use the "store delivery address" information in the order?

When a customer selects the checkbox "Store address" in the checkout (in the delivery address step) a flag is stored in the basket and order.

It can be mapped in the xslt:

<Create_Shipping_Address><xsl:value-of select="Delivery/DeliveryParty/SesExtension/store" /></Create_Shipping_Address>

How can I change the subject of the confirmation mail?

This translations can be edited in order to change the subject of the order confirmation mails:

siso_core.default.shop_owner_mail_subject: "common.shop_owner_mail_subject"
siso_core.default.sales_contact_mail_subject: "common.sales_contact_mail_subject"
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