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Interfaces for checkout services


CheckoutFormServiceInterface (Silversolutions\Bundle\EshopBundle\Service\CheckoutFormServiceInterface) is an interface for checkout forms which defines a common way to prefill the form and store the data in basket.

Method Parameters Usage
storeFormDataInBasket FormEntityInterface $form
Basket $basket
Used to persist the form data in basket
prefillForm FormEntityInterface $form
Basket $basket
Used to prefill the form with data


CheckoutSummaryFormServiceInterface (Silversolutions\Bundle\EshopBundle\Service\CheckoutSummaryFormServiceInterface) is an interface for checkout summary forms that handles getting the user confirmation email.

Method Parameters Usage
getCustomerEmailForOrderConfirmation Basket $basket Gets the user confirmation email
getSalesEmailForOrderConfirmation Basket $basket Gets the confirmation email address for the sales contact


CheckoutAddressFormServiceInterface (Silversolutions\Bundle\EshopBundle\Service\CheckoutAddressFormServiceInterface) is an interface for checkout forms that handles addresses and defines a way to convert form data into a party and back.

Method Parameters Usage
convertFormDataToParty CheckoutAddressInterface $form Converts the form data into a party
convertPartyToFormData Party $party
CheckoutAddressInterface $form = null
Converts party data into the form
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