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Additional data in the basket line

Line remark

There is a possibility to add additional data to the basket line. This data will be stored in a basket line and sent to ERP (in the SesExtension of the line) automatically.

By default you can enable additional text in the basket line:

#enable/disable additional text line in basket per basket line
ses_basket.default.additional_text_for_basket_line: false

In the basket line it looks like:

You can set a different value for the parameter using one of these two methods:

  • Override the app/config/parameters.yml file.
  • Within "configuration settings" in eCommerce tab in the backend.

The input length of this field is controlled by a setting. This is important since the ERP might not accept text longer than a given limit.

ses_basket.default.additional_text_for_basket_line_input_limit: 30

Additional data

To add some additional information to the basket line, modify the template only. No other changes are necessary.

<input type="hidden" name="ses_basket[{{ loop.index }}][test]" value="some text"/>
<input type="text" name="ses_basket[{{ loop.index }}][NewText]" value ="Lorem Ipsum... "/>
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