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Basket - Eventlistener in the standard

Ibexa Commerce offers two standard event listeners.


The basket comes with a standard event listener which provides a logic for standard rules.

The standard listener provides the following checks:

  • check if the quantity is valid for a catalogElement
  • check for a minimum quantity
  • check for a maximum quantity
  • check the packaging unit
  • purges the basket cache after changes in the basket

Allowed quantity

The allowed quantity is stored in catalogElement as a regex - $allowedQuantity - and is evaluated by preg_match().


If the catalog factory did not set the $allowedQuantity attribute in the catalog element, only int quantity is valid.

Min and max quantity

The min and max values are stored in EshopBundle/Resources/config/basket.yml as a default, if not set in catalogElement as $minOrderQuantity and $maxOrderQuantity.

    silver_basket.basketline_quantity_max: 99
    silver_basket.basketline_quantity_min: 1

Packaging unit

The packaging unit is stored in catalogElement as packagingUnit. If the requested quantity does not correspond to the packaging unit, the quantity is increased to the next possible quantity that will correspond to the packaging unit.


This listener handles discontinued products. It is active when it's enabled in configuration:

How to enable/disable this listener?


#here you can enable/disable the DiscontinuedProductsListener
#values: true or false
siso_basket.default.discontinued_products_listener_active: true

When is a catalog element recognized as discontinued?

This listener is only active for products that are marked as 'discontinued'

$catalogElement.dataMap.discontinued = new TextLineField(array('text' => 1));


There are three possibilities when a listener checks stock information:

  • stock is not available - error message is displayed that there is no information about the availability for product, but it is discontinued.
  • stock is 0 - item is removed from the basket and error message is displayed that the item is discontinued and not available anymore.
  • ordered quantity is bigger than stock - the quantity is modified in the basket line and notice message is set in the basket.
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