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Fields for eCommerce data

Ibexa Commerce uses custom Fields to store eCommerce related data, for example for the catalog or basket.

The shop provides a flexible way to store data using concrete instances of classes implementing FieldInterface and inheriting from the AbstractField class. Fields are used for fixed attributes of a product/catalog and for flexible attributes (property dataMap in CatalogElement).

Each instance of a concrete Field provides the following methods:

Method Description
getTypeIdentifier() Returns the identifier of the Field (e.g. sesimage)
isSearchable() Returns true if the Field is searchable
isEmptyValue() Returns true if the value of the Field is empty
getEmptyValue() Returns an empty version of the Field
toHash() Returns an associative array (hash) from the Field
fromHash($hash) Returns a created instance of the Field by associative array (hash)
toString() Returns the value of the Field as string

All AbstractField objects can be serialized if you use the toHash() and fromHash() methods before/after the (un)serialize method. For example:

if($field instanceof AbstractField) {
    $fieldValue = serialize($field->toHash());

Class diagram

Implemented concrete Field classes

Type Used for identifier
TextLineField A simple string without HTML code sestextline
TextBlockField A rich text field containing HTML code sestextblock
ImageField An image containing a path to an image and an alternative text sesimage
ArrayField A structured array sesarray
PriceField An instance of the Price class sesprice


For each concrete Field you have to provide a template to render the Field in the template.

The templates have to be put in the FieldTypes folder. The name of the template has to start with the identifier of the Field, e.g.:

  • ImageField.html.twig
  • TextBlockField.html.twig
  • TextLineField.html.twig
  • PriceField.html.twig

The renderer provides a $field parameter containing the object of the given Field.

You can call the Field from a Twig template, with ses_render_field:

{{ ses_render_field(catalogElement, 'longDescription')|raw }}