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The Storefront package provides a starting kit for the developers. It is a set of components that serves as a basis, which developers can customize and extend to create their own implementation of a web store.

Storefront package contains the following functionalities:

Feature Description
Product listing page Allows for browsing through products, displays product name, code, price, and image
Product details page Allows for displaying product details, product name, description, images, attributes, variants, price, and image
Product category page Allows for displaying products that belong to a specific category
Search for specific product Allows for searching for products, for example on the product listing page
Sort products Enables sorting products based on different criteria on a product listing page
Buy button Enables adding products to cart on a product listing and product details page
Menus Provide components that enable selecting different regions or currencies, for example to dynamically change the contents of the product listing page
Login/register page Provides user interface for the login/registration page that enables buyers to access the Product catalog


For information about roles and permissions that control access to various components of the purchase process, see Permission use cases.